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  • YesQar

    “Even if Graydon may be more expensive, it’s worth paying for, because I don’t want to miss any negative information. Any price difference is easily recouped by the losses I avoid.”
    Guido Kersten
    Risk Manager, YesQar
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    YesQar & Graydon, een succesverhaal
  • Vekoma

    "The payment risk is the most important factor for us."
    Peter van Bilsen
    Division Manager Sales and Marketing, Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
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    Vekoma Graydon success story international Business
  • Ennatuurlijk

    "The reports provide us with vital information and time, because we don't have to collect or analyse anything ourselves."
    Agga Frenken
    Senior Debt Collection, Ennatuurlijk
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    Ennatuurlijk en Graydon, een succesverhaal
  • Doorwerkgever

    "Voordat we de handen ineen slaan met een nieuwe opdrachtgever, raadplegen we eerst de kredietvlag van Graydon."
    Sjaak van Heukelum
    Directeur en Social Innovator, Doorwerkgever
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    Doorwerkgever & Graydon, een succesverhaal
  • Woningbouwcorporatie Mitros

    "Je kunt faillissementen niet vermijden, maar je kunt ze wel aan zien komen. Daarom monitoren we onze belangrijkste leveranciers."
    Ron Sierink
    Adviseur inkoop bij Mitros
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  • Gulf Gas and Power

    "With the help of Graydon's GDM API, we can better and faster assess whether an application is accepted from our insurer."
    Michel Koornstra
    Managing Director van Gulf Gas and Power
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  • Adecco

    “We handle an average of 1,000 customers per person in the credit department. Automating part of it is therefore a must.”
    Jocelyne Vandecauter
    Credit Manager, Adecco
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    Adecco & Graydon, a testimony to a success story
  • Bietlot Printing House

    "Graydon was the benchmark and we still think it is."
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    Drukkerij Bietlot en Graydon, een succesverhaal
  • Satic-Minera

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    Raymond Simons
    Founding partner KBC
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    Satic-Minera success story Decision Model
  • River Mounts

    “The information I get from Graydon is up to date, easy to understand and immediate.”
    Tracey Cooper
    Credit Manager, River Mounts
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    River Mounts & Graydon, een succesverhaal
  • PTS Ireland - Plumbing Trade Supplies

    “Graydon were able to deliver international credit reports to serve the Irish market.”
    Deborah Hegan
    Credit Control Team Leader, PTS Ireland
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    PTS Ireland & Graydon, a success story