Tailored Analytics

Growing businesses make smart use of their data. Where do the opportunities lie? Which companies have potential? However, this information isn't always easy to unlock. We will gladly work together with you on new analyses or predictive models, specially developed for you, which offer you prognostic insights to maximize the success of your business.

Example analysis

Example Scores

Your Analytics process

Phase 1 - Exploration

  • Introductions and intake - The Analytics team visits you at your company, listens to your requirements and explores the opportunities, together with you.
  • Working sessions - Together with you and your stakeholders, we identify the main issues and the sub-issues to be addressed within the analytics process.
  • Scope - After the working sessions, we present the definitive main issues and sub-issues to you and your stakeholders.

Phase 2 - Design

  • Team - Our experienced team of analysts, product developers and business developers set to work on your analytics process.
  • Drivers - The right data is acquired from you and Graydon and prepared for the analyses. During this preparation, we already discuss with you the possible forms of data presentation, to check that these are aligned with your requirements.
  • Data models - Next we identify the necessary data models, we construct new models or use artificial intelligence to create the right models.

Phase 3 - Creation

  • Execution - After the appropriate preparation, the desired analyses are carried out.
  • Fine-tuning - We then feedback the provisional results to you and, if desired, small adjustments can still be made to the analyses. 

Phase 4 - Go-live

  • Presentation - We present the results to you and your stakeholders. Together we discuss all the analyses, steps and results. 
  • Insights - On the basis of the results presented and in collaboration with our Data Analytics team, you are now in a position to make the right business decisions. 
  • Evaluation - Finally, we evaluate the completed process, together with you.