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        “Graydon data made our organisation stronger and allowed us to grow significantly.”

        Geke Ruiter, CEO

Check with Graydon

Akse Media has over 20 years’ experience in the publication of municipal guides. In 2011, the company came up with the idea of developing an app with nationwide coverage, with a database of 1.5 million addresses. Geke Ruiter: “We already had a database of the entrepreneurs that are listed in our municipal guides. We check these data every year so they are always up to date. However, we were still searching for a partner who could supply us with the missing data and who could help us keep this information up to date. As a result, everyone can always find the right information about entrepreneurs in their municipality.”

  • Data supply
  • Keeping data up to date

How does Graydon help?

“Graydon supplied the missing addresses. Moreover, we now have the perfect solution in-house thanks to Graydon Database Management. When a new company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, it is also automatically registered in our database. We regularly refine these data and check them for duplicates. The good collaboration between our programmers and Graydon’s programmers also played a facilitating role. The same happens vice versa. Every time we update a municipal guide, we pass on any changes to Graydon. So this is definitely a win-win situation. A few times a year, I need more information about a company with which I want to do business. My account manager at Graydon then sends me a credit report which includes both general details and financial details, such as payment behaviour.”

  • Database Management
  • Credit reports

Company results

Ruiter: “Our collaboration with Graydon has made us significantly stronger and larger. The fact that we now have complete and current data often gives us a significant advantage when we participate in municipal tenders. It’s also nice to know is that we were named 2011’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Den Helder. I even referred to our database during my speech. Without this database, we would have never been able to make the switch to digital.”


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