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          "The information from Graydon enables us to assess our customers and prospects quickly.                 This means that it takes less time to close any deals"
           Guido Kersten, Riskmanager Retail

Customer’s request

Graydon was required to provide three services. First of all, the company needs reliable company information. De Lage Landen wants to use this information to check the creditworthiness of its customers and prospects. But the company was also looking for information for marketing purposes, such as approaching prospects in a particular sector, of a particular size and a certain turnover. And they were looking for information to use in their internal sector reports. These include information about risks or opportunities within certain sectors and portfolios.

How does Graydon help?

De Lage Landen uses the information from the Graydon database. Kersten: “Graydon has information about a broad range of companies, varying in size from small to large. This makes Graydon the ideal partner for us. We can also turn to them for international company information. The advantage of using Graydon is that we always receive current annual figures, supplemented with the companies’ method of payment. The result is a complete picture.”


Kersten: “We do not have to keep asking our relations for the figures, because we get them from Graydon. The information from Graydon enables us to assess our customers and prospects much more quickly. And this means that it takes less time to close any deals. Should we still need more information before we can take a decision, Graydon updates the information within a day so that we can decide.”                                                   

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