Galvano Groothandel B.V.

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            “Graydon is a reliable and strong player on the market.”

             Hans Verhappen

Question to Graydon

Galvano Groothandel has been supplying Graydon with payment experiences for a long time. These experiences are crucial for the credit reports about companies’ payment behaviour and credit advice. Hans Verhappen: “Our competing colleagues also supply this information to Graydon. For us, this makes Graydon a reliable and strong player on the market. We would like to receive information about the payment behaviour and credit advice of our customers ourselves as well. Especially regarding the 100 most questionable companies. Moreover, we want to keep monitoring companies when something changes in their financial situation. This way, we want to prevent working with companies that cannot pay their bills.”

The challenges:

  • Screening new customers
  • Lowering risk of non-payment by existing customers

How does Graydon help?

Verhappen: “If we are not sure whether a new client will pay our bill, we request a credit report. This report does not only contain general company data, but also information about the revenue and solvency development, the credit advice and payment behaviour, as well as the Credit Rating (PD). In addition, we have put the 100 most questionable companies under monitoring. If, for example, the payment conditions at these firms change, we are immediately notified.”

The solutions:

  • Credit reports
  • Monitoring


“Because we receive information from Graydon on time, we have had little to do with bankruptcies within our customer portfolio so far. Additionally, our DSO is currently still being reduced from 15/16 days. That means we are doing really well.”

The results:

  • Preventing bankruptcies
  • Low DSO

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