IJmond Transport Groep

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           "Thanks to Graydon, most of our outstanding payments have been settled."
            Thierry Beentjes, Accountant

Customer's request

A good working relationship is key as far as the IJmond Transport Group is concerned, and financial security is an important part of this. Having this security is extremely important because the loss of certain clients can have serious consequences for the company. For this important reason, the company uses Graydon to keep its default risks visible and to a minimum. Moreover, IJmond likes to have its outstanding invoices settled as quickly as possible.

How Graydon helped

Beentjes: ‘Sometimes clients pay their invoices late or not at all. When big assignments are involved, we check our clients first using Graydon’s credit reports. If debtors don’t pay, we send one reminder. If they still don’t settle the bill, we send the claim through to Graydon for collection. They take the matter up and, thanks in part to their name, we get our money quickly.'


‘Thanks to Graydon, most of our outstanding payments have been settled,’ says Beentjes. ‘Nine times out of ten we get our money. Also, on average we get our money within 45 days, which is quite quick in the transport business.’


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