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             "The Customer Market Analysis not only shows us where we stand now, but also where our                   opportunities lay."
              Nicole van Veldhuizen, Marketing Director

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When a company chooses to fund its business through crowdfunding, potential business investors must be able to form a clear picture of the organisation. On the one hand, it is a question of giving the organisation a face and describing the activities of the company. On the other hand, investors need an insight into the company’s financial situation and credit rating. To obtain a clear picture of the current and historic credit rating of a company, we gladly call upon Graydon’s expertise.

How Graydon helped

Van Veldhuizen: “Graydon not only enriches our existing customer data on a one-off basis, they also screen and amend the data of new customers with Data Direct. As a result, we always have a current customer profile. Subsequently, we use the Customer Market Analysis to see the segments and to offset our portfolio against it. In this way, we can immediately select our potential customers.
We look, for example, at a sales person’s region. There are 67 hotels in the sales person’s region, of which 12 are already customers of ours. Graydon provides us with a list of the other 55 hotels. We then receive detailed information about these hotels and can select the interesting ones. The Customer Market Analysis not only shows us where we stand now, but also where our opportunities lie.”


“On the one hand, the Customer Market Analysis offers our sales staff relief, and, on the other hand, it motivates them to enter their regions with renewed energy,” says Van Veldhuizen. “Our sales staff work in their own region a long time. They know their customers well and can build up a relationship with them. When you have worked in a region for a long period of time however, you often think that you know that region completely. With the Customer Market Analysis our sales staff are gaining access to sectors they had never even considered. Again and again potential customers are emerging.”


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