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Save time using automated credit checks

Do you want to check many companies’ creditworthiness within a short period of time? Then save a significant amount of time using automated ratings.
Save time using automated credit checks

Does your company need to make many credit decisions in a short time? Or perhaps your team is too small to check every relation? Checking each transaction individually is very time-consuming. However, you need to ensure accurate credit assessments in order to prevent the risk of non-payment. Full or partial automation of your customer acceptance process provides you with a quick, error-free and uniform credit assessment policy. You receive the credit information directly in your own systems and you determine decision rules on approval or rejection of customers in advance. This enables you to make many decisions in a short period of time, minimising the risk of non-payment. 

Graydon links the most up-to-date company database in the Netherlands directly to your back office system and/or online webshop with a minimum of ICT effort on your part. You can subsequently automate the process with or without involving an employee for final customer acceptance or rejection. Make use of Graydon’s standard decision rules or determine individual rules to be applied for approval, rejection or further processing.

Automated assessments:

  • Ensure you have all key financial information available in your own systems
  • Speed up your customer acceptance process
  • Limit your write-offs
  • Improve your DSO.