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Immediate financial insight with a credit report

Checking the creditworthiness of companies with a credit check
Immediate financial insight with a credit report

When doing business, you want to ensure that your customers will pay your invoices. Unfortunately, every company will be confronted with payment arrears. This directly affects your cash flow and operating result. A credit report enables you to quickly check the financial status of your business relations, their creditworthiness, the risk of late payment and the maximum amount you could safely invoice for deliveries. This limits your risks and helps prevent undesirable bad debt write-offs.

Graydon credit reports prevent unpaid invoices, while building financially healthy relations and improving sales. Based on advanced models, Graydon is the best in the market at predicting the probability of non-payment and bankruptcies. The credit checks provide:

  • Up-to-date company information and insight into concern structures
  • Analysis of payment behaviour and the probability of non-payment (Probability of Default, Graydon rating)
  • The development of the Graydon rating 
  • Scores of the company’s liquidity (debt, sales and other financial ratios)
  • Credit advice
  • Sector benchmark

All information is presented in compact reports with clear conclusions, and can be requested online. If necessary, our consultants are happy to assist you at any time with a further explanation of the analyses.