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Prevent risks using international business intelligence

Exercising your rights on foreign payment arrears is not always easy. Limit your risk in advance using international credit reports
Prevent risks using international business intelligence

Doing international business offers wonderful growth opportunities. Unfortunately, it also involves risks. Will your foreign business relations fulfil their payment obligations? Is the production and supply continuity adequate? Graydon’s international company information provides answers to such questions. Collection of receivables and enforcing agreements concluded with international relations is often quite a challenge. Prevention is therefore better than cure. Graydon’s international credit reports are supplemented with up-to-date credit information from local partners, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date company information at your disposal. This prevents problems with foreign non-payment, enabling you to limit supplier risks relating to delivery.

Our global network of local partners allows for online access to 73 countries. Instantly receive international credit information online. You have a single point of contact with understanding of the local market. Graydon’s international credit reports will inform you in advance about: general business intelligence, payment behaviour, Graydon rating, development of the Graydon rating, sales and liquidity development, any debts, the annual financial statements and key ratios, related concern associates and credit advice. All this information is presented clearly, transparently and uniformly in our international credit reports.

Your benefits of using International Business Intelligence:

  • Up-to-date business intelligence from local partners
  • A dedicated point of contact
  • Enhanced insight into your international relations
  • Lower financial risk.