Credit report

Preventing late payments

Before agreeing to deliver goods to a customer based on a regular invoice, you want assurance that you’ll get paid. Based on credit scores with the best quality in the market, the Graydon credit report provides rapid insight into your customer’s financial situation. We predict 90% of all bankruptcies as much as one year in advance. That prevents you having to write off bad debt.

Compare your customer with the market

A report offers you immediate insight into your customer’s scores. In a bad market, it’s well worth comparing your customer with others in that sector. Perhaps your customer is a top performer in a benchmark rating.

Insight into risk and growth potential

A single report gives you a good impression of your business relation - in terms of risk and growth potential. This lets you negotiate from a perspective based on much more than risk alone.

International credit report

Insight based on local credit information

Doing business at international level requires knowledge of the local market. Graydon has a global network of local partners. They provide immediate and in-depth insight into your international customer’s Graydon rating.

Swift and reliable international insight

Doing international business has no borders. Graydon’s in-depth credit report allows you to respond to opportunities in the international market. And it provides swift access to business intelligence about any company worldwide.

Dedicated team of international analysts

Doing business at international level means entering uncharted territory. Graydon’s team of dedicated analysts is always ready to assist you and analyse your information. You are assigned a single point of contact who is specialised in international business intelligence.

Computerised credit checks

Quick and uniform acceptance process

Before delivering your products or services, you want assurance that you’ll be paid. Individual customer checks are time consuming. Automating your ratings process saves time and excludes human error, resulting in a uniform policy.

Personally determine the risk criteria and decision models

Each company is unique. You determine the criteria for the computerised credit checks. So you decide on the risks you are willing to take and at which conditions.

Reduce bad debt

Computerised credit checks tell you immediately whether or not a company is able and willing to fulfil its payment obligations. So you prevent problems with receivables and reduce bad debt on your balance sheet.

Smooth implementation

Graydon links a fully automated system to your database. Based on minimal ICT efforts on your part, you have the most up-to-date business data of the Netherlands at your fingertips.