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Integrate Graydon credit information into your own systems

Always the correct customer data and quick credit decisions? You can integrate business intelligence into your own systems.
Integrate Graydon credit information into your own systems

Do you want to always have correct customer data available and accelerate your Graydon ratings? Use Data Integration to automatically enrich your own information with Graydon’s business intelligence and credit information. This integration enables direct, real-time access to key financial and commercial information in your own familiar environment. With Data Integration, you know which customers are high-risk - and what is more:  you know which customers could be granted more credit, enabling you to instruct your sales team accordingly. This accelerates your business processes, limits your write-offs and improves your commercial information. This allows your company responsible financial growth.

You want easy integration - without the hassle. This is why Graydon intensively collaborates with the most popular business software partners, including SAP, Exact, AFAS and dBasics. We effortlessly connect your systems to the most up-to-date company database in the Netherlands, allowing you access to general company information, credit scores, scores relating to the risk of non-payment and credit limits. You also benefit from discounted rates.

The benefits of Data Integration:

  • Up-to-date customer data and financial data in your own systems
  • Lower margin of error in your customer data
  • Swifter customer acceptance process
  • Fewer write-offs
  • Better insight into commercial opportunities.