Risk Manager

All risks of your portfolio visible immediately  

How high are the financial risks within your customer portfolio? Risk Manager quickly and clearly highlights where your main risks lie, giving you the opportunity to respond immediately.

Segmenting your portfolio

Want better insight into specific customer groups? Risk Manager breaks down your portfolio based on any characteristics. This produces an analysis of your risks with prospects, customers, suppliers or any other specified groups.

Risk awareness

Do you have any ‘high-risk’ customers in your portfolio? You may want to consider accepting that one higher risk customer. Use Risk Manager to see your options.


Continuous online monitoring of your relations

It’s impossible to check changes to the financial situation of your business relations on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this means running a higher risk if you receive new orders. Monitor your customer portfolio and receive 24/7 updates on all major changes.

Anticipate all risks

A good customer today may turn into bad debt tomorrow. Use the insights from InFocus for fact-based decisions on deliveries to customers, and under which conditions.

Respond to opportunities

You’ll receive updates on negative changes and see when your customers’ companies are doing well. That’s vital information for your sales department, giving you and them higher returns.