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Control your exposure to risk with Risk Manager

Having more control of your risks? You can gain structural insight into your receivables portfolio and control your risks online.
Control your exposure to risk with Risk Manager

There is no such thing as risk-free business. Controlling such risks costs a significant amount of time and effort. The online tool Risk Manager segments your prospects, customers, suppliers and other relevant relations into groups. Subsequently, you can implement structural analysis, monitoring and control of the financial health of these groups. You will have insight into your portfolio’s credit risk and receive prior alerts for possible non-payment risks. This will give you more control. 

How does it work? It's very simple. You quickly and easily upload your businss relations database in the online tool Risk Manager, and class your business relations into existing groups, or create new groups. This way, Graydon pre-segments the groups of customers, suppliers and competitors. Alternatively, you may want to manage your portfolio by sector or order size. Subsequently, the system allows you to perform no less than 12 different financial analyses for each company, each group or the entire portfolio. This would include analyses relating to: risks on current receivables, creditworthiness analyses or payment behaviour. If there's something unusual with your business relations, you can take immediate action with this tool, e.g. setting permanent monitoring for a relation.

The benefits of Risk Manager:

  • More insight into your credit risks by segment
  • Better control of your receivables risk
  • Fewer write-offs.