Extrajudicial debt collection

Your money in your account quicker

Calling customers to follow up on claims costs time and energy. Time you would prefer to spend on other issues. Still, it is one of the key tasks in your company. Every day an amount is overdue means lower profit margins - and less money to spend on investments. Claims are paid more quickly if collected by trained professionals - that is a proven fact. You receive your money faster and you have more time to spend on your core business.

Double edge with credit information

Graydon Incasso is different from other collection specialists in one key area. Our credit information services give us up-to-date insight into the financial situation of all your customers. This has two benefits: firstly, the insights allow for a personalised approach of each customer. Secondly, customers pay faster at Graydon’s request in order to avoid a negative mark in our database.

Neutral partner

Many companies are hesitant about taking a strict approach to overdue payments because they do not want to damage the customer relationship. Involving a debt collection firm gives you a neutral partner, keeping you out of the conversation.

Debt collection calls require the right balance between tactfulness and pressure. Our specialists are trained and coached to apply effective interview techniques that will not negatively affect your customer relationship.

Success commission only

You can forward an unlimited number of cases based on a fixed subscription formula. If Graydon collects your claim, you pay a success commission. If not, you are not charged anything extra.

Final notice

Sending a final notice

A final notice is a highly effective instrument to ensure quick payment of overdue invoices. A final notice on Graydon Incasso stationery will prevent 75% of all final debt collection procedures. After 14 days of sending the final notice, it is automatically converted into a debt collection case, if you select this option.

Customer friendly and professional

The final notice on Graydon stationery is written in a friendly tone in order to maintain the customer relationship. Based on many years of experience, we understand exactly what works and what does not. The letters can be sent in various languages.


As the client, you incur very few charges for our final notice. The administrative fees are charged to your customer, who covers the cost of the final notice.