International debt collection

Local partners understand the local laws and customs

Overdue payments are unpleasant enough. Overdue payments from customers abroad are even more challenging. Language barriers, different cultures, laws and customs make debt collection from foreign business partners particularly difficult and time consuming. Why not benefit from our network of local partners, who speak the language of your customers!

A single point of contact at Graydon

For international claims, you are given a single point of contact at Graydon. Our specialist is the link between you and the local partner and is familiar with your cases.

Link with international credit information

Graydon Incasso is linked to Graydon’s international company database. We know your customer’s financial situation, enabling us to adjust our debt collection strategy and approach accordingly. This means that we can ensure an optimal result and quicker payment.

No cure, no pay

You pay a one-off contribution for starting up an international extrajudicial debt collection case. If we do not receive any amounts, you are not charged any further fees.

Monthly debt collection reports

You can view the collection yield on your total portfolio in the reports prepared for you in your client portal on a monthly basis. This gives you insight into a process which can lack clarity when working with many other debt collection agencies.