Flexibility and control 

Graydon has a huge database of company information and (predictive) scores. This database can be unlocked via APIs so that it can be accessed through your own systems. Once the database is linked to your systems, all the necessary software systems across the different departments have direct access to the most recent data.  
With Graydon's API you integrate the company information held by Graydon with your existing data.

Our API solutions

Integrate the high-quality company information held by Graydon within your own systems or website, in a straightforward way. With this, you always have the right company information at your fingertips to optimize your customer acceptance policy and customer processes, to improve your website conversion rate and to keep your customer information up to date. 

Benefits of the Graydon API

Controlled amount of data
Buying in bulk is a thing of the past. You only purchase the data elements that you actually need.

Flexibility and control
You gain direct access to the most relevant information and decide for yourself which fields you want to implement and use.

Faster and cheaper
In a fast and easy way, you gain access to information and also save money, since no IT support is required.

Our scores are unique, thanks to their high quality and predictive power. The unique Risk of Dissolutiontool, available in the Netherlands and Belgium, also sets Graydon apart. 

The difference lies in the technology. It offers the same options for integration of data within the CRM system, but also for integration within front-end systems (e.g. webshops); this allows checks to be performed online. In doing so, the data is immediately placed in a customer-facing environment.

We keenly engage with organizations, to develop partnerships and to bring new solutions onto the market together.