ISO Norm

Graydon awarded independent certificate for quality managment

As one of the first credit information and collection agencies, Graydon has been awarded an ISO 9001 certificate. This demonstrates that Graydon has developed a quality management system that not only assures consistent service but also meets customer requirements and complies with laws and regulations. 

Credit ratings must be transparent

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management that focusses on service orientation and transparency, and staff training and coaching. This also demonstrates that Graydon’s ongoing mission to improve quality is enshrined in its organisation. An extensive audit shows that Graydon has above average scores in all areas.

In addition to this, Graydon complies with the 10674 standard. This confirms that Graydon’s credit ratings are clear and transparant. Important elements are objectivity in the rating process, the rating’s ability to forecast accurately and innovations in assessment models. Credit rating bureaus must also be transparant in the procedures and methods that they use, so that external parties can understand how they arrived at their assessments.

Confirmation of quality

Sinko Borst: ‘We are proud. As credit management specialists, we are continually improving and updating our systems so that our customers get the best business solutions in every way possible. The certification confirms this. For us, it’s the cherry on top that the external auditor has officially confirmed the quality of our processes.’