Web services

Higher conversion rates, little effort

96% of your online visitors leave without providing their details. Increase your conversion rate with automated forms. Your visitors only need to select the company; the other details are auto-filled through the link with the Graydon database.

Improve user convenience

Your visitors want an answer to their questions with a minimum effort. Web services will help you increase conversion rates and improve user experience.

Boost your data quality with credit and other information

You can boost your data quality through the link to the largest and most up-to-date database in the Netherlands. We supplement details with a wide range of characteristics, giving you financial insight into your leads. 

B2B Prospect Search Engine

Prospect files with the characteristics of your choice

Many companies select prospects using standard characteristics like the size of business or total sales. The B2B Prospect Search Engine goes one step further. You can enter an unlimited number of characteristics and search terms that are relevant to your company. The tool then scans all company websites for your selected search terms. You receive all the companies that fulfil your search criteria in a single file.

Better result based on segmentation

Creating your target group selections and segmentations using specific characteristics allows you to select leads more specifically and approach them in a more personal way. Rather than ‘seeing what sticks’, you create personalised campaigns for a better result.

Less waste on your marketing campaigns

Approaching companies and people using incorrect details is very time and money consuming. The B2B Prospect Search Engine solves this problem by giving you access to data in the most up-to-date database in the Netherlands. This reduces your marketing costs and improves your sales conversions. 


Reveal your ‘best-in-class’ customers

Your current customers are the best indication of your target group. Upload your customer database and identify your best customers and your growth potential in these markets.

Find similar companies

Based on the characteristics of your best customers, this tool helps you find similar companies. You can then duplicate your ideal customers and build a single file with ideal prospects.

Targeted campaigns

You know exactly what is going on with your current customers. Using this information, you can approach your prospects the right way, improving sales effectiveness.