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Finding and winning new customers online

Segment only the right companies and contacts. Ensure higher conversion rates at lower marketing and sales costs using the Graydon prospect search engine.
Finding and winning new customers online

Together with exmployees, customers are at the heartbeat of every company. But with increasing competition and demanding buyers, finding the right leads is a challenge. Furthermore, approaching companies and persons using incorrect details is very time and money consuming. Searches of B2B prospects with the right qualities often provide erratic results. 

The B2B Search Engine results include only companies with qualities specifically interesting to you. For example if you are doing well in the ICT sector, with a special focus on software, The B2B Prospect Search Engine scrapes all websites featuring these qualities, handing you the right qualitative leads. This saves you time while improving the quality of your prospects!

How does it work?

You find your target group more specifically than ever before by searching for specific criteria within the websites of your ideal prospects. You can enter any type of qualities that would fit your ideal customer profile.
After refining your search, you will receive your ideal prospect database with the most up-to-date prospect information and contacts. And you can immediately get to work with it!

The Graydon Search Engine provides:

  • Access to the full company database of the Netherlands
  • Filters key search terms and business characteristics for you
  • You will receive only the prospects that you would be interested in doing business with