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Find the ideal customer

Graydon’s look-alike tool gives you insight into your most profitable customers and directly helps you find new companies that fulfil these criteria. This quickly builds a database of your ideal prospects.
Find the ideal customer

Searching new good leads? Where to start? How about making copies of your favourite customers and adding them to your customer database? After all, your existing customers have a proven value to your company. Based on the characteristics of your best customers, you can use this tool to find similar companies and high-opportunity target groups. This enables you to duplicate your ideal customers and to build a single file with ideal prospects.

How does it work?

Based on your own customer selection - for example a selection of your most valued customers - Graydon will search the Graydon database for similar companies. This database contains up-to-date information on all Dutch businesses. This selection of similar companies can be further edited and refined. If you are satisfied with the selection and the number, you can download the file and get to work!

The process consists of the following steps:

  • You upload your customer database of valuable customer
  • Graydon selects similar companies in the database of Dutch companies
  • You refine the selection on relevant characteristics
  • You download your ideal prospect database
  • This download contains all data you require to immediately get started on winning new customers.