Market Monitor

Insight into the full market

Your commercial department needs new prospects - but which markets should you approach? Use the Market Monitor to understand key market developments. You can see all start-ups, growers and bankruptcies by sector, making it easy to prepare a financial analysis of both markets and companies. You can then select high opportunity target groups and make well founded decisions.

Higher yield from existing customers

Want to optimise your opportunities with existing customers? Use the Market Monitor to see your customer pyramid as a chart. This gives you insight into the current order value of your customers and where you could achieve higher profits.

Chart your growth potential

Use the Market Monitor to upload your customer database and calculate the ratio of your customers and the total market potential. If you know your market penetration rate, you understand your growth potential.

Look-alikes of your ideal customers

Using your own customer database, you prepare an analysis to chart your success in various customer groups. Based on this profile, the system searches the largest company database in the Netherlands. You match all companies with the same characteristics based on the Graydon scoring analysis. This gives you a prospect file full of ideal customers.