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Discover your growth potential with a market analysis

Discover growth potential in new markets and find ‘look-alikes’ of your most valuable customers using the Graydon Market Monitor
market analysis

Your commercial department needs new prospects - but which markets should you approach?

You would prefer to be as effective as possible, targeting only the prospects and markets that will grow your sales. How to find such prospects? 

Every company aims to have more insight into the growth potential of the organisation and more insight into the development of its customer portfolio. Both financial risks and commercial opportunities are key elements in decision-making. Use the Market Monitor to gain unlimited access to all trends and developments of business and market intelligence. This will give you a clear dashboard full of key information on the number of start-ups, bankruptcies or growing companies. Furthermore, you can benchmark your potential and existing customers against specific companies or the entire market. This will show you at a glance if there is any room for growth with your existing customers or existing markets, and where the commercial opportunities lie for your company.

What can you expect from Market Monitor:

  • Insight into all trends, developments and opportunities
  • Smart response to different markets
  • Higher sales from existing customers
  • Reliable input for preparing plans
  • Data-driven, fact-based decisions