The Incasso Quality Mark 

All members of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Agencies, the NVI, are holders of the Incasso Quality Mark certificate. Graydon Incasso is also proud to bear this quality mark. 
The Incasso Quality Mark guarantees that these debt collection agencies work according to the criteria of the Incasso Quality Mark. These criteria include rules and standards with which the collection agency must comply. This is monitored by the independent Certification Institute in Zoetermeer.

Why have an incasso quality mark?

For clients, the Incasso Quality Mark means that collection activities are contracted out to a reliable partner on whom high requirements concerning Socially Responsible Debt Collection are set.

For debtors, the Quality Mark offers a guarantee of a correct approach and that collection fees are charged on reasonably. In the unlikely event that things do not go right, independent dispute settlement regulations apply.

Confidence and certainty 

The Quality Mark was developed with an important objective in mind: the NVI wants to give the government, businesses, consumers and consumer organisations the confidence and certainty that collection activities in the Netherlands are performed correctly and carefully. The Quality Mark provides the best guarantee of this!

Regular evaluation

A collection agency bearing the Incasso Quality Mark must demonstrate that it continues to satisfy the requirements. This is evaluated by an independent external audit committee. The Quality Mark obliges the collection agency to comply with the rules at all times and in all cases.

Dispute settlement regulations

The Incasso Quality Mark also has dispute settlement regulations. Any complaints or disputes can be submitted to an independent committee: the Supervisory Board. Every NVI member also has its own internal complaints procedure for solving possible disputes early.

Quality mark criteria

In order to obtain a Quality Mark certificate, the collection agency must prove that it works according to the Criteria of the Quality Mark. This must be declared in a document signed by the management board. The company is also audited by the independent

Certification institute

Some collection agencies also work with debtor visitors. These employees visit debtors to investigate the possibilities of a payment scheme. Rules have also been agreed on for these debtor visits: the Debtor visit code of conduct.

Independent certification institute

The assessment of whether a company fulfils the Quality Mark Criteria is contracted out fully to the Certification Institute. This prevents any question of a conflict of interests. The Certification Institute also inspects in companies whether work is performed permanently according to the Quality Mark Criteria. Intensive audits are made every second year.

Would you like to read the regulations or do you have a concrete complaint about Graydon Incasso BV?
Click here for the NVI regulations.

Submitting a complaint

Address your letter, stating your file number, to:

Graydon Incasso BV
Attn Incasso Support department 
PO Box 12790
1100 AT Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

You can send your complaint by e-mail to incassoklacht@graydon.nl

How do we process your complaint?

Graydon Incasso BV will send you a confirmation of receipt within five days of receiving your complaint. This confirmation states that we will send you a reaction dealing with the complaint within 15 working days. If this is not feasible within 15 working days, we will inform you of this in writing. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been processed, after receiving our written reaction you can register your complaint with the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Agencies (NVI). Ask first whether they can deal with your complaint.