MKB Brandstof

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         "Graydon really does help think things through."
         Jeroen Melein, Operations director

Customer's request

To SMEs, MKB Brandstof’s national business fuel card equates to convenience. Instead having to enter fuel receipts, they pay transport costs (fuel, oil, car wash, car recovery costs and so on) with a fuel card. MKB Brandstof wants to ensure that applying for a card on their website is as simple as can be. Besides this, MKB wants to be able to check the creditworthiness of every company prior to issuing them with a fuel card. 

How Graydon helped

To simplify the fuel card login process, Graydon integrated their Web Services into MKB Brandstof’s systems. Now when company reps log in using their company name and postal code, the details are filled in automatically.


Melein tells us that he’s very happy with Graydon. ‘Our login system used to drop out regularly because there were disruptions at the company supplying the data. We don’t want the first encounter with us to be a bad experience. With Graydon, we can rest assured that this won’t be the case.'

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