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        "When we see a bankrupcty in the offing, we know we’ve earned back the Graydon costs many            times over"
        Joost Wools, Team leader creditors/ledger

Customer's request

Portaal’s real estate division, Portaal Property Development, was already using Graydon’s credit information. They had recognised the need to check out, for instance, the supplier or contractor’s financial position before the start of the assignment. After two years, they wanted to renew the contract. They then decided to enter a contract for the whole of the Portaal organisation. Now members of staff support their gut feeling with hard figures!

How Graydon helped

We have Graydon monitor all our large suppliers and contractors (> 50,000) so that financial risk is kept to a minimum. This means that we are immediately alerted when something changes in a company’s financial position. 


‘Obviously we pay for Graydon’s credit information, but when we see a bankruptcy in the offing, we know we’ve earned back the Graydon costs many times over,’ says Wools. ‘Now we can see the warning signs that a company is not doing well earlier. So we can take action.'


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